Assistance and representation provided on romanians abroad

We are aware of the needs of Romanians gone for the EU or US, Australia and Asian countries.

We provide expert assistance and advice on Romanians working abroad on solving all problems they are faced with, so that their absence should be successfully refilled in all cases where this is possible:

  • divorce
  • exercise of parental authority and domicile establishment for minors
  • child support
  • conventions on the determination of the visit program of minors
  • procurement of protection orders for both spouses and minors
  • actions of evacuation of the violent husband
  • actions related to establishing or denying paternity
  • succession and representation before notaries / court during the debate of heritage
  • property division
  • transcription of birth / divorce certificates
  • assistance in issuing passports
  • conclusion of matrimonial conventions
  • changing the matrimonial regime
  • adjudication of incapacity / establishing guardianship
  • drafting of proxies for different situations
  • labour accidents
  • repatriation
  • declaration of assets and income to Romanian authorities

We assist clients or represent them during the friendly stage of the procedure, where possible (mediation, before a notary or by agreements, before the authorities) or before the courts.

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